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Expertise Opinion

Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) Article 293

1) The Parties may obtain scientific opinion from an expert in relation to the subject of the case. Extra time cannot be requested solely based on this purpose.

2) The judge may decide, upon receipt of the request, or ex-officio, to call the expert who has prepared the report to the hearing, and to listen to him/her. The judge and the parties may ask pertinent questions when the expert is called.

3) If the expert does not appear at the hearing without a valid reason, the report that he/she has prepared shall not be evaluated by the court.

Code of Criminal Procedure, article 67, subsection 6

The public prosecutor, the intervening party, his representative, the suspect or the accused, his defense counsel or the legal representative may ask an expert of that field to produce a scientific opinion which they shall utilize to evaluate the subject matter of the trial or to use it while preparing a written expert opinion or to evaluate the written opinion of the experts. They are not entitled to ask for additional time for this purpose.