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Training Programmes

You can access all the trainings provided by Sirius Kriminal Specialist Personnel in Turkish and English from the link below. For details:


Criminal and Crime Scene Investigation Programs

First Responders Training (ToT Format)

Crime Scene Investigation Training

Fingerprint Development Techniques Course

Fingerprint Classification Methods &Techniques Course

Advanced Crime Scene Investigation Course

Shooting Reconstruction Training

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Training

DVI (Disaster Victim Identification) Training

Questioned Document Examination Training


Cyber Security, Digital Forensic and GDPR Training Programs

Digital Forensic Training

Cyber Crime Investigation and Prosecution Training

Forensic DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Training

Cyber Security Training

Cryptocurrency Investigation Training

Financial Crime Investigation Tecniques Trainining

GDPR Training


Counter IED-EOD Training Programs

Basic Bomb Expert (Technician) Training

Post- Explosion Crime Scene Management and Investigation Course

Explosive Material Handling Techniques Course for Operational Purpose Course

Advanced Technical Bomb Fusing Systems Course

Dirty Bomb (CBRN) Response Methods Course

Risks and Disposal Methods of Handmade and Fabrication Explosive Substance Course

Awareness Training Programs (Theory)

Precautions course against bomb threat and suspicious package

Prevention strategies and countermeasures course against suicide attacks and Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED)

Course of action and precautions against Bomb Warnings

Training of course of action and measures to be taken in war and polluted areas)

Safety and Security Training Programs

Basic Traffic Training

Forensic Traffic Training

Summit Security Training

Stadium Security and Crowd Control Training

Crowd and Riot Control Training

Drug Related Crimes Investigation Training

Modern Police Management Systems Training

Crime Investigation Training

Domestic Violence Investigation Training

Inroduction Automotive Cyber Security Training (ISO 21434 ISO 26262)

Forensic Photography and Visual Documentation Training

Other Training Programs

Archeology and Historic Areas Photography Training